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The dog depicted in art

Perro en el arte

The dog has occupied an important place in the art world, especially in the pictorial and decorative arts and, lately, also in the film. This phenomenon, directly represent the dog into works of art or to appear as a symbolic element, but play a major role, although it contributes to the overall meaning of the work, is quite old. Thus, in classical Greece we find it represented in many friezes, pottery and ceramics. A prime example is the relief of the goddess Hecate made in marble.

In Egypt, the dogs are represented in bas-reliefs, including Pharaohs with their respective dogs. Mummies of dogs have also been found buried next to their owners. Non domestic variety, the Jackal, was associated with the Dios Anubis.

In Rome is represented in art through murals, paintings and even coins. Its usefulness, as battle dog, was unquestionable, to the point of organizing fights in the Roman circuses.

In the middle ages, until the 15th century, it was not accepted by the society, was considered ugly and dangerous animals every time that the constant wars of the era contributed to its abandonment, which returned to its wild state, feeding off all kind of carrion, even including attacks on livestock with consequent damage to their owners , with which there are many representations of the dog in art.

In the Renaissance, dogs begin to have good acceptance, precisely because their work as auxiliaries of the hunt. The aristocracy of the time contributed to provide a good role in this endearing animal, at the same time increased the number of races, facts that contributed to that dog is represented in art, being reflected in many works of famous authors of the time.

Dogs are animals that comes accompanying the man from thousands of years ago. We know their characteristics and therefore we can say that in art it is usually symbolize values such as loyalty, sociability. For example, it is the case of the Pekingese who appears in “The Arnolfini marriage”, a Gothic painting of the brothers Van Eyck, symbolizes the marital fidelity through its representation reflected in the middle of the couple, undoubtedly the domestic dog occupies a central place in the marriage according to its authors. But there’s more, as the “dogs playing poker” Cassius Marcellus; the “arthritis medicine for dogs”; “Tests of Moses” Botticelli or “The umbrella man” by Monet.

Away from those dogs that had their role in pictorial and decorative, arts in the cinema also has name and plays a leading role. Many times, however, is set aside the symbolic aspect that made him famous in the so-called fine arts.In this way we have a full range of famous dogs in film, by way of example we quote to Beethoven, Rex, Lassie, Bingo, etc. They are famous dogs that take a new role in so far as it would have been unthinkable before.

His acceptance as a pet made were created the diversity of breeds existing today, motivated mostly by the canine Club, associations that undoubtedly foster and reported everything to do with the world of dogs. the Organization of dog shows is that the public has greater respect and admiration for this fascinating animal, up to the point to be considered as one member of the family home. Therefore, industry has specialized in creating all kinds of accessories, medicines, food, which no doubt contributes to their well-being. Not to mention the numerous specialists in the sector of Canids: hair salons, veterinary clinics, nutrition, etc.