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Special packaging for artwork

Custom packaging

I design and manufacture custom packaging for delicate works of art and objects. The use of appropriate packaging is the key to protecting your art objects. It is advisable to conduct a preliminary analysis work and inspection of parts to set the most suitable type of transport packaging is to be made, see more detail about the products on ถุงซิปล็อค

The range of packaging for artwork is very wide and accommodates all formats and artistic languages, always seeking the highest level of protection and conservation,

Packaging protection
is requested for short land transport, trucks and specialized personnel. The client does not consider that the work needs a safer packaging. A protective packaging consists of wrapping the paper work (tissu), then put bullfoam paper (bubble) and finally cardboard.

Economic and reliable for single use, back and forth. Made with resistant and insulating materials strictly necessary for the proper protection of works.

Specially designed to offer maximum protection in shipments of works, avoiding changes in temperature and humidity or vibrations in its movement and handling.

Its construction conforms to the standards and recommendations of museums and public and private institutions. It is used for works that need very careful protection of the oscillations of temperature, humidity and mechanical damage; They are required for those parts particularly sensitive because of its age, fragility and historical and artistic importance.

Transit framework and Counter

Combs or Carriles
This box is indicated guidelines for transporting various works of art (paintings, prints, drawings …) being smooth frame rails okumen strip or plastozote. For unframed works or not smooth or delicate frame, these frames are placed on travel by plastozote or special plates (ozclips) and this framework is that slides into the combs.

Hand box
These boxes are mainly built to transport small pieces of a comfortable and safe manner. Briefcases are built with the same quality and materials other packaging. They may be of wood or metal as required.