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Interpretation, Latin interpretatio , is the action and effect of interpreting. This verb refers to explain or declare the sense of something, express or conceive reality in a personal way.

Art (from the Latin ars ) is the concept that encompasses all creations made by human beings to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary.

And the reference to the art of interpretation I refer to the explanation of the state of health of the mouth, this is the life of the person, understood as a complex system. The theory of evolution tells us how the history of life began at the simplest level and was progressing stepwise fashion, where each step frames complexity jump. For interpretation it is required of the art that one acquires from the study, tenacity and experience, and not from the oversimplification that seeks to simplify headless.

Interpretation, therefore, may be the process of understanding a specific event and subsequent explanation. For example, with the concept of interpretive dentistry at Dentist in Madison NJ,  I refer to the reading of the result of biomarkers, which attempt to measure or objectify quantitatively or qualitatively the state of dental health and transfer that information to the daily lives of people.

Biomarkers in dental health are assessment instruments that can determine directly or indirectly modifications thus giving an idea of the state of oral health and are variables used to measure future changes. Consequently, without them we would have difficulties in making comparisons.

The intention of the explanation is to increase the level of understanding of a simple and understandable way of oral health. It is important because doing so correctly create empathy with patients and we put ourselves in their shoes. There is no point to know too if we are not able to explain. This will not only allow treatment of the consequences (lesones in teeth or gums) but the real causes Paraque make the necessary life changes and thus achieve a better state of dental health.