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Mauritius Art Emblem

Does this also applies to Mauritius?

In Mauritius, it is not an easy question to answer; What is the emblem of Mauritius? This is probably due to the fact that Maurice’s story is complex and can not be reduced to a single conquest. First, Mauritius was conquered by the Portuguese, then by the Dutch, then the French and finally by the British … today, more than three languages are spoken in the country and many religions rub over an area of 2,040 km2. Emblems thus reflect the diversity of the country, its people and its history. The emblems are not a tourist catalog, they have a much deeper meaning.

One of the emblems, it’s unquestionably the DODO . The Dodo was a bird that lived here for nearly a thousand years but the species is now extinct. He lived in the Indian Ocean islands. You will find images of this flightless bird (which was less than a meter high) in the souvenir shops, decorations on the windows or in the form of statue. Researchers have speculated that the extinction of the dodo is the consequence that their eggs were eaten by various animals. Today, one can see the dodo in films such as Alice in Wonderland, Disney.
The dodo is still very popular today and is the figurehead of Mauritius.
The stamps blue and red Maurice are evidence of what can result from rumors.
Those who find such a stamp, which is also likely to win the lottery, are quiet for the rest of their lives.

The administration of Mauritius had decided to introduce its own stamps in the 19th century. Blue stamps were for mail from abroad while red stamps were to be used by the local post office on the island. After a year, the pattern on the stamp has changed, what has made only after a time, people wondered if the first was unique stamps after being in circulation for a year, and if consequently they had some more value. Because of this rumor, a higher value was attributed to the first set of stamps. Today, there is even a museum where you can see these stamps. Since the blue patch was intended for job abroad, he has even more value.

The church of Cap Malheureux also represents a unique emblem of the north of Mauritius. The small building is located directly on the coast with a bright red roof. The landscape ends of the stage: the turquoise water, the view on the islands of Coin de Mire, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Round Island and Snake Island, the serenity that emanates from the place and the fishermen going about their activities … this church is only so much she can apply for the title of emblem.

Chamarel is a very special place. It is located in the northwest of villas in Mauritius   and is characteristic of the island and its uniqueness. It’s not just the National Park Black River Gorges and waterfalls of Chamarel, but also the land of the seven colors . This natural phenomenon is of volcanic origin and is found only on this small island in the Indian Ocean: Mauritius.