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We know there is more than one remaining details in the process of planning for a wedding and probably with many outstanding not you stop to think deeply about each of them, that’s why we’re here to help!

Today I have for you an incredible session can be your greatest inspiration for your wedding photos. The idea is to do something different and not necessarily the typical photo shoot. You can plan it ahead of time or make it even after the wedding.

I hope you love it as much as me!

Broker Wedding photos Mirror2

Broker Wedding photos espejo3

Broker Wedding photos espejo4

Broker Wedding photos espejo5

Broker Wedding photos espejo6

Broker Wedding photos espejo9Broker Wedding photos espejo8

These photos were not taken in Mexico by Photo Booth South Coast, yet very near the city there is a similar location where you can be the star among the majestic natural scenery. I speak of Rincon de Parangueo where one of the craters are referred to as “The Seven Lamps” and are located in the municipality of Valle de Santiago in Guanajuato.

Ask your photographer you are quoted a casual meeting with your regular photo session, and if your package and include, you can take this idea and make something super different you’ll always remember.

And they lived happily ever after