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Luxury destinations this summer: Mauritius

Having spent passing through the old continent we have to return once again to the islands, we have already gone through Fiji and the Bahamas , but there is a group of islands in another ocean that has nothing to envy these two archipelagos: Island Mauritius , or rather, the Republic of Mauritius , as well as the island of Mauritius this state includes the islands of Cargados Carajos, the Agal├ęga and Rodrigues Island.

They are located 900 km from Madagascar, as you can see in the picture, and southwest of India, however it is an independent state which is part of anarchipelago known as the Mascarene Islands.

As Fiji, Mauritius is one of those archipelagos suffered many political economic changes in recent years, namely until 1968, when it gained independence. He later joined the Commonwalth , a fact that made that, despite being an unstable archipelago until then and found in a region where there were many political problems, was the perfect target for investment of foreign capital .

This capital was responsible for the increase in the standard of living in Mauritius and the exploitation of its natural qualities to create a paradise, which today is one of the best places to spend the summer in the world, therefore the options presented as its climate, which ranges from 25 to 31 degrees throughout the year.

Go to villas in Mauritius is a safe bet for luxury tourism and versatility, we talk about larger than Fiji, and therefore most likely within the surface and less in terms of water sports.

So rent a boat in this case, though possible, is less feasible because no uninhabited islands as in the case of Bahamas where you can spend your holiday, however it is the perfect destination to play golf in a heavenly environment, there many fields in different hotels to find hotels with luxury and comfort, to visit museums, gardens and especially as they have an exceptional vegetation.