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Bodybuilding: Sport or Art?


The bodybuilding is an activity generally based on the exercise carried loads in order to achieve hypertrophy or muscle development with the maximum volume size attached to a set of symmetry ratio and definition not least, according to Washington DC personal trainer (ie the proportions of her legs over his upper body, arms balance with the rest of adjacent muscle groups and in harmony and balance in their antagonistic biceps with triceps, etc).

It is an activity that due to the requirements accurately to meet this purpose as they are called basic pillars: TRAINING, FOOD AND RELAXATION.

You could say that implies rather be a lifestyle that an activity as a hobby or something remarkably punctual practice on weekends or when we pleased …

From here he was born the so-called fitness lifestyle a lifestyle or mode practiced by millions of people worldwide of which probably 90% are not considered life bodybuilders.

It’s called weight training activity conducted itself in the middle (gymnasium), with the same tools (dumbbells, pulleys and specialized machines) and execution of exercises and movements.

We could say that the differences between bodybuilding and fitness or also called “fitness” to be fit,  lies mainly in the fitness does not require poses as an objective of muscular work and not competition in any way contemplated, it would be a playful, recommended activity because it is healthy anatomical and physiological repetitive movements (exercises) are required with the body and is beneficial to health as it improves neuromuscular coordination, muscle and tendon mass and improves endurance capacity ..

Bodybuilding is a physical activity, but being present in all sports as a support and be limited to be secondary in all sports bodybuilding is 100% focused on the athlete’s health, injury prevention, strengthening muscle structures and all improve the athlete’s performance in his sport and physical activity and healthy both professional and amateur or recreational club.

This would be the true definition of the activity carried out in gyms 99% of people who go to the gym daily. While they all will surely not make the required triad: TRAINING, FOOD AND RELAXATION surely they intended the lead and are aware of it.


Bodybuilding competition or unwilling to become involved in any competition, is a fully established business with a purely aesthetic ultimate goal and for which to get to meet these required above parameters … for a criterion or point of bodybuilder view, you need to practice undoubtedly MUSCULACION. But regardless of priority or nothing but the aesthetic and patterns required size, definition, proportion and symmetry set to win a bodybuilding event or achieve development measures or hypertrophy within the canons required.

The bodybuilder or bodybuilding practitioner is enriched by values such as strength, endurance, coordination without beneficial, beneficial psychological factors such as any other activity that enriches the personality or self-esteem. Also and because of its required power to improve the aesthetics and minimize gain adipose tissue is obtained a better lipid profile, good cholesterol, level of stable glucose, and of course to say that the counter if the supply is not adequate, excessive or lacking it can also be counterproductive in some terms of health just as overtraining, poor execution of exercises can cause injury, contractures, fibril breaks etc …

But bodybuilding itself, the bodybuilder or fitness competition, figure, shape, bodyfitness … Should be truly welcome under a sporting criterion? or maybe is it associated or better house as an artistic activity or beauty? Leaving aside what you mean by beauty .. because this is something we as disparate as different from each other …

There is a part in the “athletes or athletes” and their managers who defend bodybuilding as sport and fighting for more than 30 years ago, a ofical recognition by the IOC, in fact sector, this objective is being meet today for existing nations where they enjoy state aid as any other sporting activity under their regulations, code of ethics and anti-doping and to belong to the list included in the Olympic games as a sport more activity sports, where official federations and athletes, teams and delegations are treated just as in weightlifting, judo, tennis, athletics etc …. with corresponding state aid and social impact, official and media etc …

A real dream sports and official recognition.

On the other hand there is another sector or aspect of practitioners without bodybuilders or less equally prepared, struggling as the first and under the same scoring criteria, they show no interest in recognizing sport as it were.

Just consider people who follow currents and common tastes for the development of the physical with the same considerations and criteria as above, for them bodybuilding is art and the ultimate goal is artistic, despite enjoying a good resistance, better strength, great power and strong health.

They do not feel the need to be called athletes even if they spend the days training morning and afternoon feeding correctly identify bodybuilders simply be better .. and as autonomous economic adiministración is required for training and needs and politically mainly they subsidized with membership fees to associations, sponsors and management aids training of monitors or trainers for sports centers.

In my view, the bodybuilding competition is something totally artistic but obtained by an effort of more dignified and hard of athletes or not because … and I mean .., for what is assessed is the set of physical where hypertrophy it is the first necessity associated with a proportion, symmetry and definition (lack of subcutaneous fat), an optical illusion, and a resemblance to certain models of physical Greek old … and still not be more disciplined in the gym or at the table not have to be proportional to be better .. hence genetics and metabolism of each and morphology favor some and not others so much. I mean a bodybuilder who has a good pectoral judges need not know how much weight you lift in the bench press or with the same good abdominal definition perhaps some people do not go bound to do more or less diet or abdominal ..

It is never ask a bodybuilder demonstrate its basic physical qualities: strength, endurance, speed, elasticity … it is simply measures, required or rate from a relaxed state and contracted in different positions where they can show their anatomy under established criteria ” bodybuilder “purely aesthetic.

Undoubtedly, we must have strength and endurance as well as the definition almost always been linked to many hour of aerobic exercise, as well the ability to have developed the form of his appearance was never assessed for or against.

You can integrate into any of the two sides but if you must be very clear that bind with one or other, sweat, determination and effort is always common.