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Art with teeth… Don’t you think? Check it yourself.

Arte con dientes

Surely you heard talk about many crazy things that people do in their teeth.

In the middle of the last century, it has a gold tooth was common, because it was the solution found orthodontics to repair a damaged part.

But as all can live their revival, celebrities, years ago, have rescued the gold teeth and have chosen to show off their teeth with gold detail festooned with diamonds and others .

There are different types of Freedom Dental Melbourne accessories such as golden frames with inlaid diamonds or precious stones , metal fangs same cases completely cover the teeth.

The sculptures of these teeth, are little more than amazing.

I never thought I’d see the Coliseum carved in a molar, but even if someone had told me there, I would not have believed how impressive sculpture seen in a tooth, to have seen …

These teeth, really look so good, that if I were you, I’d be biting my nails to get a glimpse of them.

Gaze and knows the wonder of art with teeth …


The Colosseum (carved from a tooth)


Rome Beauty

Art teeth

Details …

Art teeth

Pharaohs and Egyptian …