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9 fast beauty secrets for partying

Certain diets or quick remedies to keep fit are not effective or not recommended, because one slim and beautiful body is the conclusion of a series of habits and love for oneself. However, if you can use certain tricks of beauty at the time or day before so you can look slimmer and beautiful . If you want to know how to accentuate the aesthetics of your figure and beauty of your face , follow these tips this year end or every time you go to have a commitment or a party that requires you to look better than ever.

1. ABDOMEN : For your abdomen does not look bulky or inflame the day of the party, it is necessary procures a day before eating very soft things for your stomach, papaya morning, vegetable soup in the meal with a Salad of cooked vegetables and at dinner some whole wheat bread with cheese. How last food eats an apple or two. Avoid any irritants such as sugar, alcohol and tobacco. This mini-diet will help your stomach be in excellent condition for the party. 

2.  MOOD : sleep well the night before the event. If you sleep well, your complexion will look rested and youthful and your mood will be great. For a good night’s sleep, take tea with passionflower, orange blossom, anise, chamomile or peppermint. If you want to increase the profit of your dream, put music that makes you feel really inspired and sleep watching beautiful things.

3 . SKIN : one day before or the same day, takes a bath tub with some aromatic essence to enjoy, and take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin with clay or sugar. Exfoliate your entire body and then apply a moisturizer and pilaten mask. It is necessary that this bath do not hurry for the results to accentuate, so it is better to do it a day before, so that you wake up feeling wonderful and with a restful and smooth skin.

4.  MAKEUP : your makeup should be something that makes you feel at ease. It does not matter if it is exaggerated or discreet, the point is that you really feel comfortable with yourself, because when you feel comfortable with yourself it is reflected in everything that you are. So you can practice various styles of makeup and play with colors and other things until you feel comfortable with one.

5.  ATTIRE: your outfit should also be something that makes you feel like giving free, no matter if it is fashionable or not, if you feel comfortable and is your style, then that is what you should use. If you have problems with your style, it is necessary to do a test a day before and play to combine clothes until you feel at ease with some. Avoid thinking, “will you like it or not?”, Connect with what you like, this is very important because it projects security, if you feel insecure about it, it is because you need to stimulate your self-confidence, and nothing better than this moment to To taste you before anyone. There are clothes that help you look taller, thinner, with more waist and more or midsummer chest. So try it!

6.  WANT YOUR BODY : if you have something overweight or your body you do not like at all, you need to take advantage of this moment as you choose your outfit or you look in the mirror to send you hugs and nice words, remember that the way you You see is how others see you. So if your body is not the ideal magazine that matters, at this moment what matters is that you feel accepted by you, because this is what others will perceive.

7.  STYLING : your hair, as in the preceding paragraphs, must before anybody else to like you. It is important that you dare to try new styles as this will help you to look different and explore a new way of feeling. However, the hairstyle should never bother you or make you feel distressed.

8.  WORTH AND BEAUTIFUL PORTE : all of the above should be complemented with a dignified posture and respectable yourself. If you comb and dress luxuriously but your shoulders are hunched or your abdomen out, then your work could be ruined. You have to get used to standing up straight, with your shoulders back and your abdomen contracted, your posture should not be forced, relax your shoulders and release your arms, and when you walk, do not try to get your hands in the bags of clothing or avoid Your ponies are tight, relax your hands and allow them to move spontaneously with the movement of your walk.

9.  CHARISMA : a calm and smiling, with sense of humor and creative person beyond any beauty. So you must arrive with a very cheerful and enthusiastic spirit to the party, fun but not tense or artificial, it is about being you and that you feel at ease with being it. If you find it hard to take a spontaneous and cheerful spirit or you feel insecure to people, you can help by visualizing yourself a night before as a person who does not take things so important and who simply enjoys every moment of his life, Smiling with cordiality whom you do not know, and forget on that day of what others think of you. It is you and acts the way you feel proud and admired to be what you are ..