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5 films about art that will motivate your creativity

The art created by man aims to provide an aesthetic, convey different emotions, ideas, a completely different and own vision with which are not normally see the world.

Painting, dance, sculpture and music, are just some of the ways in which art can be captured and transmit a voice.
The cinema is an art that captures all these areas and give them shape, either in fiction or documentary, but exploring issues and general culture.

Films have the ability to capture those stories of art that have been changing the world and present them to the public through an original vision, composition, aesthetics and narrative, which are already part of the art itself, which will remain saved for admiration and legacy of humanity.

Here are 5 films about art and art, choreography, the relationship of painters and their muses, documentaries by artists or stories about the same film, which awaken your creativity and inspiration through the work of other artists. They can be found easily on projectfreetv

Films that portray the dance by way of exception:
Dance is an art that conveys emotions with complex choreography accompanied by music that stored in the memory of all. Order and structure is its main characteristic.

Pineapple (2011)

Black Swan (2010)

Movies about painters and inspiration:
The painting is considered the ultimate expression of art and these films will tell the story of creation and inspiration of painters to create some of his most important works, also check couchtuner for movie:

Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)

Factory Girl (2006)

Midnight in Paris (2011)