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Which colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in funeral science?

If you want to be a mortician or a funeral director, you will first have to graduate from a mortuary science program accredited by the United States Board of Funeral Education Service. These programs prepare students for careers such as undertakers, Providing theoretical knowledge as well as practical training. Many of the 60 accredited mortuary science programs are associate programs for two years, but there are a couple of options for students interested in pursuing four-year undergraduate degree programs.

Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science

  • Offering an Associate in Applied Science or Bachelor of Science in Funeral Science, the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is one of the best institutions for students interested in pursuing careers as undertakers. The Bachelor of Science program in Mortuary Science of 15 Months focusIn all aspects of funeral services and provides practical experience with embalming. Classes range from accounting and business law to the Psychology of Death and Duel.

University of Minnesota

  • The first program of its kind at a state university, the University of Minnesota’s mortuary science program was established in 1908. Fully accredited by the American Board of Funeral Services Education, a graduate of the Cienciaprogram School aims to prepare the Graduates for careers in the mortuary sciences. Combining applied, behavioral and physical sciences in an effort to train worthy and competent professionals, the school accepts approximately 35 students each fall semester.

Gannon University

  • In Erie, Pennsylvania, Gannon University boasts a 100 percent pass rate on licensing exams by graduates of its mortuary science program. The four-year program begins students on the Gannon University campus for First three years before they transfer to the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science for a fourth year. Gannon’s emphasis on business ensures graduates receive the tools they need for careers in funeral management.

Cypress College

  • In the city of Southern California Cyprus, Cyprus College offers an accredited bachelor of funeral science program run by a licensed funeral director and provide practical experience. Offering courses ranging from restorative art to funeral director, program Mortuary science prepares graduates to care for the dead and comfort the living as embalmers and funeral directors. Cathrine has a National Examination Board approval rate of over 90 percent.


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9 fast beauty secrets for partying

Certain diets or quick remedies to keep fit are not effective or not recommended, because one slim and beautiful body is the conclusion of a series of habits and love for oneself. However, if you can use certain tricks of beauty at the time or day before so you can look slimmer and beautiful . If you want to know how to accentuate the aesthetics of your figure and beauty of your face , follow these tips this year end or every time you go to have a commitment or a party that requires you to look better than ever.

1. ABDOMEN : For your abdomen does not look bulky or inflame the day of the party, it is necessary procures a day before eating very soft things for your stomach, papaya morning, vegetable soup in the meal with a Salad of cooked vegetables and at dinner some whole wheat bread with cheese. How last food eats an apple or two. Avoid any irritants such as sugar, alcohol and tobacco. This mini-diet will help your stomach be in excellent condition for the party. 

2.  MOOD : sleep well the night before the event. If you sleep well, your complexion will look rested and youthful and your mood will be great. For a good night’s sleep, take tea with passionflower, orange blossom, anise, chamomile or peppermint. If you want to increase the profit of your dream, put music that makes you feel really inspired and sleep watching beautiful things.

3 . SKIN : one day before or the same day, takes a bath tub with some aromatic essence to enjoy, and take the opportunity to exfoliate your skin with clay or sugar. Exfoliate your entire body and then apply a moisturizer and pilaten mask. It is necessary that this bath do not hurry for the results to accentuate, so it is better to do it a day before, so that you wake up feeling wonderful and with a restful and smooth skin.

4.  MAKEUP : your makeup should be something that makes you feel at ease. It does not matter if it is exaggerated or discreet, the point is that you really feel comfortable with yourself, because when you feel comfortable with yourself it is reflected in everything that you are. So you can practice various styles of makeup and play with colors and other things until you feel comfortable with one.

5.  ATTIRE: your outfit should also be something that makes you feel like giving free, no matter if it is fashionable or not, if you feel comfortable and is your style, then that is what you should use. If you have problems with your style, it is necessary to do a test a day before and play to combine clothes until you feel at ease with some. Avoid thinking, “will you like it or not?”, Connect with what you like, this is very important because it projects security, if you feel insecure about it, it is because you need to stimulate your self-confidence, and nothing better than this moment to To taste you before anyone. There are clothes that help you look taller, thinner, with more waist and more or midsummer chest. So try it!

6.  WANT YOUR BODY : if you have something overweight or your body you do not like at all, you need to take advantage of this moment as you choose your outfit or you look in the mirror to send you hugs and nice words, remember that the way you You see is how others see you. So if your body is not the ideal magazine that matters, at this moment what matters is that you feel accepted by you, because this is what others will perceive.

7.  STYLING : your hair, as in the preceding paragraphs, must before anybody else to like you. It is important that you dare to try new styles as this will help you to look different and explore a new way of feeling. However, the hairstyle should never bother you or make you feel distressed.

8.  WORTH AND BEAUTIFUL PORTE : all of the above should be complemented with a dignified posture and respectable yourself. If you comb and dress luxuriously but your shoulders are hunched or your abdomen out, then your work could be ruined. You have to get used to standing up straight, with your shoulders back and your abdomen contracted, your posture should not be forced, relax your shoulders and release your arms, and when you walk, do not try to get your hands in the bags of clothing or avoid Your ponies are tight, relax your hands and allow them to move spontaneously with the movement of your walk.

9.  CHARISMA : a calm and smiling, with sense of humor and creative person beyond any beauty. So you must arrive with a very cheerful and enthusiastic spirit to the party, fun but not tense or artificial, it is about being you and that you feel at ease with being it. If you find it hard to take a spontaneous and cheerful spirit or you feel insecure to people, you can help by visualizing yourself a night before as a person who does not take things so important and who simply enjoys every moment of his life, Smiling with cordiality whom you do not know, and forget on that day of what others think of you. It is you and acts the way you feel proud and admired to be what you are ..

Good education practices in restaurants


At the time of going to restaurants especially if they fancy restaurant, elegance and poise is something important to consider because you can not behave as you would, for example, at home, or at a different restaurant, of lower category.

Learning good education practices in a restaurant is not difficult, you just let you follow your instinct. Actions like shouting, burp, laugh very sound shape, etc. It would not be good and that can make you attract attention. The same talk too loud or annoying the other diners.

Instead, stay talking in a normal tone, bass, and not look out too for the other people (nobody would like to be noticed in us when they’re eating) if it’s something that you should consider.

Also keep education when go to the other person. It is true that the waiter and all staff will treat you like a man, what you are or not. That does not mean that you also treat them with respect while you serve and thus can prove education as well.

Try not to create problems. If there is an argument, try to hold back because you are in a public place first, and the second is that it should not disturb the peace of others.

With these practices, go to restaurants that go as Barcelona are restaurants, restaurants Valencia, Galicia restaurants …. sabiéndoos being educated and behave in a safe place so elegant that lets you have the doors open for a next time, because maybe and I like it.

Note that can help you think about how you would like others to behave in such a special place like that, knowing that you give up for all of them. Visit


We know there is more than one remaining details in the process of planning for a wedding and probably with many outstanding not you stop to think deeply about each of them, that’s why we’re here to help!

Today I have for you an incredible session can be your greatest inspiration for your wedding photos. The idea is to do something different and not necessarily the typical photo shoot. You can plan it ahead of time or make it even after the wedding.

I hope you love it as much as me!

Broker Wedding photos Mirror2

Broker Wedding photos espejo3

Broker Wedding photos espejo4

Broker Wedding photos espejo5

Broker Wedding photos espejo6

Broker Wedding photos espejo9Broker Wedding photos espejo8

These photos were not taken in Mexico by Photo Booth South Coast, yet very near the city there is a similar location where you can be the star among the majestic natural scenery. I speak of Rincon de Parangueo where one of the craters are referred to as “The Seven Lamps” and are located in the municipality of Valle de Santiago in Guanajuato.

Ask your photographer you are quoted a casual meeting with your regular photo session, and if your package and include, you can take this idea and make something super different you’ll always remember.

And they lived happily ever after

Art and culture improves health and increases happiness

It is well known that culture and art are food for the intellect and the spirit . The art makes men and women exalt themselves and, in many cases, go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary to achieve immortality. If we take time to enjoy the variousartistic expressions not only have greater sensitivity, but more people can behealthy and happy .


A study in Norway to more than 50 thousand adults, both men and women revealed that those who are fond of visiting galleries and museums or attend theaters andconcerts on a regular basis are healthier , less anxious and less likely to become depressed than those who never participate in any cultural activity.


This research, published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health(Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health), studied the association between good health and satisfaction with life and participation in cultural activities ; this because they have a positive impact on life satisfaction, levels of depression ,anxiety and good health .

But those who benefit most from these activities, researchers say, are the men who are interested in the receptive activities, ie to observe and experience the culture, rather than make or create a cultural thing.

fuller and longer lives

It has long been known that cultural activities can benefit health and prolong the longevity of individuals; so they are included in the policies of governments responsible as they know that this can improve the welfare of the people.

Despite that, until recently he had not been studied what was the impact of this cultural participation in health and satisfaction with life and if it was more beneficial for men or women. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, used data from the Health Study Trondelag North conducted with 50.797 adults between 20 and 80 years between 2006 and 2008.


The study used questionnaires to determine how often the participants undertook in cultural activities and what their lifestyle habits, including physical activity and mental health. The study included a clinical analysis of individuals to record their health status, satisfaction with life and their levels of anxiety and depression .

Cultural activities were classified as creative: in which the individual makes a task to create something “cultural “, for example, a kind of paint or a class of the piano ;and receptive: in which the individual receives impressions or cultural experiences without having to “create”, like going to a concert, an art exhibition, theater or visiting a museum.

The study took into account factors such as income and education level of the participants.

“The results showed that, in general, both men and women are more involved in creative cultural activities in receptive cultural activities , ” says Dr. Koenraad Cuypers , who led the study.

“And the degree of participation is gradually increased from 20 to 49 years and then begins to decrease as age increases .”

More receptive culture, better health

The results showed a link between the amount of time an individual participates incultural activities and health and how enjoying life.

The more culture is experienced, the greater the benefits for health and wellness.”The frequency of cultural participation and the number of different activities are positively associated with the help of phen375, good health, good life satisfaction, lower levels of anxiety and lower levels of depression , ” says Dr. Cuypers .

However, he adds, the study showed the best results “among men who commit themselves specifically in receptive cultural activities rather than creative.”

That is, men who visit art galleries , museums and go to the theater regularly tend to enjoy better health, are more satisfied with their lives and have lower levels ofdepression and anxiety , says the researcher.

Scientists do not know what the mechanisms that influence this association, but believe that, as studies have shown in the past, relaxing activities such as listening to music , read , or watch a movie , have a positive impact on the management ofstress .

Moreover, they add, the willingness to engage in receptive cultural activities, such as attending a concert, theater or visiting a museum, not only induce greater social and physical activity participation but are also indicators of a better state of mental health and physics.

“These results indicate that the use of cultural activities for health promotion could be justified” the authors conclude.


Interpretation, Latin interpretatio , is the action and effect of interpreting. This verb refers to explain or declare the sense of something, express or conceive reality in a personal way.

Art (from the Latin ars ) is the concept that encompasses all creations made by human beings to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary.

And the reference to the art of interpretation I refer to the explanation of the state of health of the mouth, this is the life of the person, understood as a complex system. The theory of evolution tells us how the history of life began at the simplest level and was progressing stepwise fashion, where each step frames complexity jump. For interpretation it is required of the art that one acquires from the study, tenacity and experience, and not from the oversimplification that seeks to simplify headless.

Interpretation, therefore, may be the process of understanding a specific event and subsequent explanation. For example, with the concept of interpretive dentistry at Dentist in Madison NJ,  I refer to the reading of the result of biomarkers, which attempt to measure or objectify quantitatively or qualitatively the state of dental health and transfer that information to the daily lives of people.

Biomarkers in dental health are assessment instruments that can determine directly or indirectly modifications thus giving an idea of the state of oral health and are variables used to measure future changes. Consequently, without them we would have difficulties in making comparisons.

The intention of the explanation is to increase the level of understanding of a simple and understandable way of oral health. It is important because doing so correctly create empathy with patients and we put ourselves in their shoes. There is no point to know too if we are not able to explain. This will not only allow treatment of the consequences (lesones in teeth or gums) but the real causes Paraque make the necessary life changes and thus achieve a better state of dental health.

Special packaging for artwork

Custom packaging

I design and manufacture custom packaging for delicate works of art and objects. The use of appropriate packaging is the key to protecting your art objects. It is advisable to conduct a preliminary analysis work and inspection of parts to set the most suitable type of transport packaging is to be made, see more detail about the products on ถุงซิปล็อค

The range of packaging for artwork is very wide and accommodates all formats and artistic languages, always seeking the highest level of protection and conservation,

Packaging protection
is requested for short land transport, trucks and specialized personnel. The client does not consider that the work needs a safer packaging. A protective packaging consists of wrapping the paper work (tissu), then put bullfoam paper (bubble) and finally cardboard.

Economic and reliable for single use, back and forth. Made with resistant and insulating materials strictly necessary for the proper protection of works.

Specially designed to offer maximum protection in shipments of works, avoiding changes in temperature and humidity or vibrations in its movement and handling.

Its construction conforms to the standards and recommendations of museums and public and private institutions. It is used for works that need very careful protection of the oscillations of temperature, humidity and mechanical damage; They are required for those parts particularly sensitive because of its age, fragility and historical and artistic importance.

Transit framework and Counter

Combs or Carriles
This box is indicated guidelines for transporting various works of art (paintings, prints, drawings …) being smooth frame rails okumen strip or plastozote. For unframed works or not smooth or delicate frame, these frames are placed on travel by plastozote or special plates (ozclips) and this framework is that slides into the combs.

Hand box
These boxes are mainly built to transport small pieces of a comfortable and safe manner. Briefcases are built with the same quality and materials other packaging. They may be of wood or metal as required.

Do astronauts eat only, diet pills and baby food in space?

atlantis01When space travel began in the 60s, it was thought that astronauts should consume vitamin complexes only in the form of tablets, capsules and porridges. It was assumed that the digestion process should be simplified to reduce the chances of stomach upset in the crew, which jeopardize the success of the missions.

In addition, it was feared that in weightlessness, fluids and food scraps contaminate and damage electronic navigation equipment spaceships.

“At the beginning of the space program the food they ate astronauts wore on similar to toothpaste tubes, it was thought that food should remain sealed, because it would be difficult to use cutlery that float inside the ship,” explains Dr. Rodolfo Neri Vela, the first Mexican astronaut.

With the launching of Skylab space station-the first American to orbit the Earth from 1973 to 1979, the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its acronym in English), developed a varied menu, with food also being nutritious, they also were mouthwatering.

From the Skylab, Dr. Neri Vela refers, he began the development of space cuisine with menus that have enriched and today to allow astronauts to choose foods that consume space.

During his successful space mission in 1985, aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Neri Vela enjoyed a personal menu with scrambled Mexican and meatballs, who joined the nutritious menu NASA containing chicken, turkey, shrimp, salmon eggs, macaroni, tuna and vegetables, in a long list where there was plenty granola and juice for breakfast.

“It is important to note that most foods are dehydrated, with a label attached to its packaging indicating how many ounces of water should be added to rehydrate and heat,” he adds.

Drinks require special system: “The drink liquids through a straw that has a small valve to open and close, because liquids would come out of the bottle by inertia while supplies last”.

The first space taquiza

atlantis02A 352 km altitude and a speed of seven kilometers per second, Neri Vela shared with the rest of the Atlantis astronauts several servings of cookies amaranth, which later gave birth to the popular bars today are consumed throughout the country.

In addition, the young scientist took into space a staple in the Mexican Milagro Pastillas: tortillas. “It was the first time he went into space tortillas, which were liked by all my companions, they knew very well and was easy to roll up, in the form of taco” he recalls with humor.

Since the mission of Dr. Neri Vela in 1985 and until the end of the era of space shuttles in 2011, there was always omelets in space travel NASA. “Tortillas not crumble easily, such as bread, plus they have a high nutritional value.”

When enjoying the meals recalls Dr. Neri Vela was the perfect place to exchange views on the development of mission and foster friendship and fellowship time.

In his book Mexico in space (blue planet) , the first Mexican astronaut collected in detail the experiences of his space mission, a result of 109 laps around the Earth in the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Mauritius Art Emblem

Does this also applies to Mauritius?

In Mauritius, it is not an easy question to answer; What is the emblem of Mauritius? This is probably due to the fact that Maurice’s story is complex and can not be reduced to a single conquest. First, Mauritius was conquered by the Portuguese, then by the Dutch, then the French and finally by the British … today, more than three languages are spoken in the country and many religions rub over an area of 2,040 km2. Emblems thus reflect the diversity of the country, its people and its history. The emblems are not a tourist catalog, they have a much deeper meaning.

One of the emblems, it’s unquestionably the DODO . The Dodo was a bird that lived here for nearly a thousand years but the species is now extinct. He lived in the Indian Ocean islands. You will find images of this flightless bird (which was less than a meter high) in the souvenir shops, decorations on the windows or in the form of statue. Researchers have speculated that the extinction of the dodo is the consequence that their eggs were eaten by various animals. Today, one can see the dodo in films such as Alice in Wonderland, Disney.
The dodo is still very popular today and is the figurehead of Mauritius.
The stamps blue and red Maurice are evidence of what can result from rumors.
Those who find such a stamp, which is also likely to win the lottery, are quiet for the rest of their lives.

The administration of Mauritius had decided to introduce its own stamps in the 19th century. Blue stamps were for mail from abroad while red stamps were to be used by the local post office on the island. After a year, the pattern on the stamp has changed, what has made only after a time, people wondered if the first was unique stamps after being in circulation for a year, and if consequently they had some more value. Because of this rumor, a higher value was attributed to the first set of stamps. Today, there is even a museum where you can see these stamps. Since the blue patch was intended for job abroad, he has even more value.

The church of Cap Malheureux also represents a unique emblem of the north of Mauritius. The small building is located directly on the coast with a bright red roof. The landscape ends of the stage: the turquoise water, the view on the islands of Coin de Mire, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Round Island and Snake Island, the serenity that emanates from the place and the fishermen going about their activities … this church is only so much she can apply for the title of emblem.

Chamarel is a very special place. It is located in the northwest of villas in Mauritius   and is characteristic of the island and its uniqueness. It’s not just the National Park Black River Gorges and waterfalls of Chamarel, but also the land of the seven colors . This natural phenomenon is of volcanic origin and is found only on this small island in the Indian Ocean: Mauritius.

Bodybuilding: Sport or Art?


The bodybuilding is an activity generally based on the exercise carried loads in order to achieve hypertrophy or muscle development with the maximum volume size attached to a set of symmetry ratio and definition not least, according to Washington DC personal trainer (ie the proportions of her legs over his upper body, arms balance with the rest of adjacent muscle groups and in harmony and balance in their antagonistic biceps with triceps, etc).

It is an activity that due to the requirements accurately to meet this purpose as they are called basic pillars: TRAINING, FOOD AND RELAXATION.

You could say that implies rather be a lifestyle that an activity as a hobby or something remarkably punctual practice on weekends or when we pleased …

From here he was born the so-called fitness lifestyle a lifestyle or mode practiced by millions of people worldwide of which probably 90% are not considered life bodybuilders.

It’s called weight training activity conducted itself in the middle (gymnasium), with the same tools (dumbbells, pulleys and specialized machines) and execution of exercises and movements.

We could say that the differences between bodybuilding and fitness or also called “fitness” to be fit,  lies mainly in the fitness does not require poses as an objective of muscular work and not competition in any way contemplated, it would be a playful, recommended activity because it is healthy anatomical and physiological repetitive movements (exercises) are required with the body and is beneficial to health as it improves neuromuscular coordination, muscle and tendon mass and improves endurance capacity ..

Bodybuilding is a physical activity, but being present in all sports as a support and be limited to be secondary in all sports bodybuilding is 100% focused on the athlete’s health, injury prevention, strengthening muscle structures and all improve the athlete’s performance in his sport and physical activity and healthy both professional and amateur or recreational club.

This would be the true definition of the activity carried out in gyms 99% of people who go to the gym daily. While they all will surely not make the required triad: TRAINING, FOOD AND RELAXATION surely they intended the lead and are aware of it.


Bodybuilding competition or unwilling to become involved in any competition, is a fully established business with a purely aesthetic ultimate goal and for which to get to meet these required above parameters … for a criterion or point of bodybuilder view, you need to practice undoubtedly MUSCULACION. But regardless of priority or nothing but the aesthetic and patterns required size, definition, proportion and symmetry set to win a bodybuilding event or achieve development measures or hypertrophy within the canons required.

The bodybuilder or bodybuilding practitioner is enriched by values such as strength, endurance, coordination without beneficial, beneficial psychological factors such as any other activity that enriches the personality or self-esteem. Also and because of its required power to improve the aesthetics and minimize gain adipose tissue is obtained a better lipid profile, good cholesterol, level of stable glucose, and of course to say that the counter if the supply is not adequate, excessive or lacking it can also be counterproductive in some terms of health just as overtraining, poor execution of exercises can cause injury, contractures, fibril breaks etc …

But bodybuilding itself, the bodybuilder or fitness competition, figure, shape, bodyfitness … Should be truly welcome under a sporting criterion? or maybe is it associated or better house as an artistic activity or beauty? Leaving aside what you mean by beauty .. because this is something we as disparate as different from each other …

There is a part in the “athletes or athletes” and their managers who defend bodybuilding as sport and fighting for more than 30 years ago, a ofical recognition by the IOC, in fact sector, this objective is being meet today for existing nations where they enjoy state aid as any other sporting activity under their regulations, code of ethics and anti-doping and to belong to the list included in the Olympic games as a sport more activity sports, where official federations and athletes, teams and delegations are treated just as in weightlifting, judo, tennis, athletics etc …. with corresponding state aid and social impact, official and media etc …

A real dream sports and official recognition.

On the other hand there is another sector or aspect of practitioners without bodybuilders or less equally prepared, struggling as the first and under the same scoring criteria, they show no interest in recognizing sport as it were.

Just consider people who follow currents and common tastes for the development of the physical with the same considerations and criteria as above, for them bodybuilding is art and the ultimate goal is artistic, despite enjoying a good resistance, better strength, great power and strong health.

They do not feel the need to be called athletes even if they spend the days training morning and afternoon feeding correctly identify bodybuilders simply be better .. and as autonomous economic adiministración is required for training and needs and politically mainly they subsidized with membership fees to associations, sponsors and management aids training of monitors or trainers for sports centers.

In my view, the bodybuilding competition is something totally artistic but obtained by an effort of more dignified and hard of athletes or not because … and I mean .., for what is assessed is the set of physical where hypertrophy it is the first necessity associated with a proportion, symmetry and definition (lack of subcutaneous fat), an optical illusion, and a resemblance to certain models of physical Greek old … and still not be more disciplined in the gym or at the table not have to be proportional to be better .. hence genetics and metabolism of each and morphology favor some and not others so much. I mean a bodybuilder who has a good pectoral judges need not know how much weight you lift in the bench press or with the same good abdominal definition perhaps some people do not go bound to do more or less diet or abdominal ..

It is never ask a bodybuilder demonstrate its basic physical qualities: strength, endurance, speed, elasticity … it is simply measures, required or rate from a relaxed state and contracted in different positions where they can show their anatomy under established criteria ” bodybuilder “purely aesthetic.

Undoubtedly, we must have strength and endurance as well as the definition almost always been linked to many hour of aerobic exercise, as well the ability to have developed the form of his appearance was never assessed for or against.

You can integrate into any of the two sides but if you must be very clear that bind with one or other, sweat, determination and effort is always common.

Art of accounting

Universally, it is known as Online bookkeeping services, to that dedicated professional to apply, analyze and interpret accounting and financial information of an organization with the aim of designing and implementing tools and mechanisms to support the organization’s policies in the making process making.

It is also known as one expert with university degrees in business studies, with special emphasis on practical matters and financial and tax accounting and administrative, internal and external audit and business advisory services.
In Colombia we could say that a CPA is the natural person who through prior registration with the Central Board of Accountants, and after evidence of their professional competence (university degree), is empowered by law to give public faith regarding the facts known to him and the scope of their own profession, as well as rule on the economic and financial information, perform activities related to accounting, tax science, information systems company, finance, costs, etc.
The labor relationship disables the counter to give public faith on events of interest to their employer.This inability does not apply to statutory auditors or public accountants who provide services to companies that are not obliged by law or by statute, to have a statutory auditor.
The counter should be provided with the necessary accounting information and keep in mind that the Central Board of Accountants, in its Circular 044 November 2005 indicated that income can make certificates to people who do not carry accounting.
Implementing IFRS in Colombia involves harmonize and internationalize the accounting and financial information, which will make it more friendly interpretation of financial statements anywhere in the world, with transparency and absolute fidelity.
 Are companies working with IFRS?
From 1 January to 31 December 2013, it should have been done the planning stage and transition for groups 1 and 3 and between January 1 and December 31, 2014, is developing stage mandatory for these groups and must present comparative financial statements and audited under IFRS, December 31, 2014. for this group 2 is developing the planning stage and transition between January 1 and December 31, 2014 and will be mandatory stage in 2015, shall be filed and comparative audited December 31, 2015. currently the Supersociedades, Superbancaria and supersolidaria are requesting the opening balances to companies in the group 1 and 3, which must have developed and implemented from January 1, 2014 financial statements.
Do all businesses, small, large and medium apply IFRS?
All companies must apply IFRS in Colombia, like many individuals and should be located in IFRS Plenas Groups 1, Group 2 and Group 3 IFRS IFRS SMEs microenterprise.
What are the deadlines to begin working with IFRS?
Mandatory deadlines for Groups 1 and 3, began on January 1, 2014 and for Group 2 from January 2015.
CPA: Hector Pinzon Jaime Correa (President) of the Federation of Public Accountants of Colombia.

5 films about art that will motivate your creativity

The art created by man aims to provide an aesthetic, convey different emotions, ideas, a completely different and own vision with which are not normally see the world.

Painting, dance, sculpture and music, are just some of the ways in which art can be captured and transmit a voice.
The cinema is an art that captures all these areas and give them shape, either in fiction or documentary, but exploring issues and general culture.

Films have the ability to capture those stories of art that have been changing the world and present them to the public through an original vision, composition, aesthetics and narrative, which are already part of the art itself, which will remain saved for admiration and legacy of humanity.

Here are 5 films about art and art, choreography, the relationship of painters and their muses, documentaries by artists or stories about the same film, which awaken your creativity and inspiration through the work of other artists. They can be found easily on projectfreetv

Films that portray the dance by way of exception:
Dance is an art that conveys emotions with complex choreography accompanied by music that stored in the memory of all. Order and structure is its main characteristic.

Pineapple (2011)

Black Swan (2010)

Movies about painters and inspiration:
The painting is considered the ultimate expression of art and these films will tell the story of creation and inspiration of painters to create some of his most important works, also check couchtuner for movie:

Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)

Factory Girl (2006)

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Luxury destinations this summer: Mauritius

Having spent passing through the old continent we have to return once again to the islands, we have already gone through Fiji and the Bahamas , but there is a group of islands in another ocean that has nothing to envy these two archipelagos: Island Mauritius , or rather, the Republic of Mauritius , as well as the island of Mauritius this state includes the islands of Cargados Carajos, the Agaléga and Rodrigues Island.

They are located 900 km from Madagascar, as you can see in the picture, and southwest of India, however it is an independent state which is part of anarchipelago known as the Mascarene Islands.

As Fiji, Mauritius is one of those archipelagos suffered many political economic changes in recent years, namely until 1968, when it gained independence. He later joined the Commonwalth , a fact that made that, despite being an unstable archipelago until then and found in a region where there were many political problems, was the perfect target for investment of foreign capital .

This capital was responsible for the increase in the standard of living in Mauritius and the exploitation of its natural qualities to create a paradise, which today is one of the best places to spend the summer in the world, therefore the options presented as its climate, which ranges from 25 to 31 degrees throughout the year.

Go to villas in Mauritius is a safe bet for luxury tourism and versatility, we talk about larger than Fiji, and therefore most likely within the surface and less in terms of water sports.

So rent a boat in this case, though possible, is less feasible because no uninhabited islands as in the case of Bahamas where you can spend your holiday, however it is the perfect destination to play golf in a heavenly environment, there many fields in different hotels to find hotels with luxury and comfort, to visit museums, gardens and especially as they have an exceptional vegetation.

Art with teeth… Don’t you think? Check it yourself.

Arte con dientes

Surely you heard talk about many crazy things that people do in their teeth.

In the middle of the last century, it has a gold tooth was common, because it was the solution found orthodontics to repair a damaged part.

But as all can live their revival, celebrities, years ago, have rescued the gold teeth and have chosen to show off their teeth with gold detail festooned with diamonds and others .

There are different types of Freedom Dental Melbourne accessories such as golden frames with inlaid diamonds or precious stones , metal fangs same cases completely cover the teeth.

The sculptures of these teeth, are little more than amazing.

I never thought I’d see the Coliseum carved in a molar, but even if someone had told me there, I would not have believed how impressive sculpture seen in a tooth, to have seen …

These teeth, really look so good, that if I were you, I’d be biting my nails to get a glimpse of them.

Gaze and knows the wonder of art with teeth …


The Colosseum (carved from a tooth)


Rome Beauty

Art teeth

Details …

Art teeth

Pharaohs and Egyptian …

The dog depicted in art

Perro en el arte

The dog has occupied an important place in the art world, especially in the pictorial and decorative arts and, lately, also in the film. This phenomenon, directly represent the dog into works of art or to appear as a symbolic element, but play a major role, although it contributes to the overall meaning of the work, is quite old. Thus, in classical Greece we find it represented in many friezes, pottery and ceramics. A prime example is the relief of the goddess Hecate made in marble.

In Egypt, the dogs are represented in bas-reliefs, including Pharaohs with their respective dogs. Mummies of dogs have also been found buried next to their owners. Non domestic variety, the Jackal, was associated with the Dios Anubis.

In Rome is represented in art through murals, paintings and even coins. Its usefulness, as battle dog, was unquestionable, to the point of organizing fights in the Roman circuses.

In the middle ages, until the 15th century, it was not accepted by the society, was considered ugly and dangerous animals every time that the constant wars of the era contributed to its abandonment, which returned to its wild state, feeding off all kind of carrion, even including attacks on livestock with consequent damage to their owners , with which there are many representations of the dog in art.

In the Renaissance, dogs begin to have good acceptance, precisely because their work as auxiliaries of the hunt. The aristocracy of the time contributed to provide a good role in this endearing animal, at the same time increased the number of races, facts that contributed to that dog is represented in art, being reflected in many works of famous authors of the time.

Dogs are animals that comes accompanying the man from thousands of years ago. We know their characteristics and therefore we can say that in art it is usually symbolize values such as loyalty, sociability. For example, it is the case of the Pekingese who appears in “The Arnolfini marriage”, a Gothic painting of the brothers Van Eyck, symbolizes the marital fidelity through its representation reflected in the middle of the couple, undoubtedly the domestic dog occupies a central place in the marriage according to its authors. But there’s more, as the “dogs playing poker” Cassius Marcellus; the “arthritis medicine for dogs”; “Tests of Moses” Botticelli or “The umbrella man” by Monet.

Away from those dogs that had their role in pictorial and decorative, arts in the cinema also has name and plays a leading role. Many times, however, is set aside the symbolic aspect that made him famous in the so-called fine arts.In this way we have a full range of famous dogs in film, by way of example we quote to Beethoven, Rex, Lassie, Bingo, etc. They are famous dogs that take a new role in so far as it would have been unthinkable before.

His acceptance as a pet made were created the diversity of breeds existing today, motivated mostly by the canine Club, associations that undoubtedly foster and reported everything to do with the world of dogs. the Organization of dog shows is that the public has greater respect and admiration for this fascinating animal, up to the point to be considered as one member of the family home. Therefore, industry has specialized in creating all kinds of accessories, medicines, food, which no doubt contributes to their well-being. Not to mention the numerous specialists in the sector of Canids: hair salons, veterinary clinics, nutrition, etc.

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Timea Tihanyi, That which moves another and is moved by another, in ceasing to move ceases also to live..., porcelain, plaster, polystyrene, 2013

Timea Tihanyi, That which moves another and is moved by another, in ceasing to move ceases also to live…, porcelain, plaster, polystyrene, 2013

the harmony of silence

May 3 – June 16, 2013

Reception: Friday, May 3, 6-9pm
Artists’ talk: Sunday, May 12, 2pm

Alma ChaneyAaron HabaTrish Maharam, Timea Tihanyi


Kandinsky spoke of white as “the harmony of silence… not a dead silence, but one pregnant with possibilities.” These artists mine the expressive potential of quiet restraint, using white as both ground and palette in a variety of media: textile, porcelain, oil paint and twine.
Curated by Jasmine Valandani          

Alma Chaney, 2013 Untitled #3, Oil, Goldpoint,16" x 16"

Alma Chaney, 2013 Untitled #3, Oil, Goldpoint,16″ x 16″

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